Parador de Lleida

A Convent from the 17th Century.


Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Lleida, the Parador de Lleida invites you to experience a captivating blend of history, culture, and modern comfort. Housed within a former 17th-century convent, this enchanting retreat offers a unique juxtaposition of ancient architectural charm and contemporary elegance.

As you enter the Parador de Lleida, you are greeted by the convent's stately façade, adorned with beautiful arched windows and ornate details that reflect the region's rich heritage. Step inside, and you are enveloped by a seamless fusion of old-world grandeur and modern comforts.

Each thoughtfully designed guest room offers a haven of tranquility, blending classic style with contemporary amenities. From your window, witness the bustling streets of Lleida or the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, providing a glimpse into the beauty of Catalonia.

The Parador de Lleida's restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey through Catalan flavors, tantalizing your taste buds with a delightful array of traditional dishes. Sample the region's finest ingredients, expertly prepared to showcase the vibrant local cuisine.

General Services

General Services
  • Canal+
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bar
  • Garage
  • Air conditioning
  • Conferences and meeting rooms
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Mini-bar
  • Foreign exchange
  • Heating
  • Satellite dish
  • Parking
  • Laundry
  • TV in guest rooms
  • Telephone in guest rooms
  • Handicapped facilities
  • Hairdryer in guest rooms
  • Gym



  • Interpretive tours of the surrounding area of Lladorre
  • Guided tour of the village and the Tavascán hydroelectric complex
  • Guided tour of the Hierro Museum Space
  • Guided tour of the medieval settlement of Santa Creu de Llagunes
  • Guided tour of the Vilamur bunkers
  • Visit to the Vall i Cardós Interpretive Centre

Interesting Places

  • La Seu Vella or old Cathedral
  • New Cathedral
  • Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí
  • Café Chalet and the Templete de la Música
  • Arboreum Dr. Pius Font y Quer
  • La Mitjana Natural Area

Regional Menu

Inland Catalan cuisine is expressed as a commitment to regional cuisine brought up to date with local specialities based on snails, cod, sausages and vegetables from the market gardens of Lérida.